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Hood deflector «СА plastic»

The hood deflector is intended to protect surface of car against mechanical damages of the forward part of a hood which is directly under the deflector and in its aerodynamic shadow

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Door visors  «СА plastic»

Door visors are located on the upper part of side doors. The unique design of door visors allows fresh air to naturally circulate through open windows while keeping the rain, snow and road dust out.

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Sunroof visor «СА plastic»

Sunroof visor is located on a car roof in front of sliding hatch and designed to prevent hit of rainfall inside the interior of the vehicle through slightly opened hatch.

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Headlight covers «СА plastic»

The headlight covers are designed to prevent various mechanical destructions of car headlights. Also this protection prevents blurred headlights, increasing lifetime of lamps.

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The «SERIGRAPHY» series 

The «SERIGRAPHY» series includes hood deflectors, window visors, sunroof visors and headlights covers with original geometrical drawing of various textures.

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The «ART» series 

The «ART» series includes door visors and hood deflectors with the original design unique texture, which emphasizes individual features of the car, giving it uniqueness.

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The «CLIPS» series «СА plastic»

The «CLIPS» series includes door visors with metal fasteners (clips), are intended to reach an additional fixation.

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The «CHROME-MOLDING» series «СА plastic»

The «CHROME-MOLDING» series includes door visors are completed with a special molding. The series is specially designed to emphasize design of the car equipped with an option «chrome package».

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